Singing is really that easy?

Yes! There's no great mystery! Just as you learned how to speak, how to walk and how to drive, you can learn how to sing too. To finally make your dream of being a singer come true, all you need is proper guidance (in a good voice lesson), training and patience. During this process, choosing a good vocal coach is essential.


Lots of experience, solid music education and an amazing talent to teach.

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Throughout the years, besides the lessons, we have been with lots of singers on professional studios and live music venues producing their voices and preparing their performances.

  • Raphael Begosso Vocal Studio Voice Lessons
    I've been studying with Raphael Begosso Vocal Studio for a long time now and I can say that the lessons have provided and continue to provide me with an incredible development I have never even imagined to my voice. Lessons are always very enjoyable. Their coaches are very good at evaluating each singer and preparing lessons with exercises for each specific objective, which in turn leads to gradual development, without pushing our voices too hard. In addition to the vocal exercises, we also sing songs, which is another good way to achieve our desired goals and develop our voice while having a lot of fun.
  • Robson Ribeiro
    Maestro, you are a great vocal coach. Now I feel I'm the singer I've always wanted to be. And I know this is only the beginning, lots of things yet to come. Thank you for helping me to get to know myself better and for helping me to learn how to 'design' my voice. Take care!
    Robson Ribeiro
  • Raphael Begosso Vocal Studio
    That 'magic' that sometimes happens during a voice lesson! Suddenly, I listen to myself and after some (several) adjustments, I like the result. Homework: be a little bit more reckless when singing! :)
    Danyel Andre
  • Raphael Begosso Vocal Studio
    Man, I feel I'm significantly better! Now I can sing the song Getsêmani from Leonardo Gonçalves avoiding unnecessary efforts and with a good vocal quality even on the very high notes... This method makes me speechless! The whole release thing is real... anyways, I'm sending you this testimonial with an open heart! See you on our next lesson!
    Rubens Prince

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