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You should review all info on our website carefully and discuss any questions you have with us BEFORE purchasing or subscribing.

About the lessons

At the moment we offer only pocket shows and special lessons in studio.

All ordinary weekly lessons are online.

We use video call software (Skype, Zoom, Google or FaceTime) and a special audio solution we developed in house for your best experience! The content of the online lessons is exactly the same as the studio lessons: vocal warm-ups, vocal techniques exercises and activities on your preferred songs.

For a long time, Vocal Studios all over the world teach singers online. Our Studio work with online lessons since 2012 and all of our students can attest that there’s no harm in the learning process.

If you happen to be in São Paulo (Brazil) you can join our in-studio pocket shows or special lessons.

Absolutely! During our online lessons your teacher (vocal coach) is available throughout the entire session to guide you!

It’s not an online course of prerecorded lessons that you can buy on the internet.

That’s why all of OUR online lessons are almost the same as in-studio lessons. For those who have already taken voice lessons, there may be some awkwardness in the beginning, but after some time you won’t feel the difference. Those who have never taken voice lessons may never miss anything.

Video call lessons are pretty common worldwide. The effectiveness of online lessons is exactly the same as in-studio lessons plus you have the advantage of being able to take them from wherever you are (home, office, etc.) without spending neither time nor resources on the commute.

We do not take the responsibility for lack of minimum system requirements, internet connection problems or power shortages in the student’s region. In these cases, there will be no rescheduling of lessons. If any of the problems mentioned above occur on our end, the lesson will be rescheduled to some other time slot.

Payments, free lessons and refunds

Yes, our lesson plans (1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months) represent a significant discount on the rate of our single lesson.

If you are interested in a package of single lessons as well (more than 3), please get a quote.

Preferably credit card and Paypal.

If you don’t have access to any of these payment methods, please contact us. We can arrange a wire transfer.

Please note that there maybe additional charges or delays to confirm your lessons in case of wire transfers.

It is a service that works as a recurring payment: the payment is automatically charged for a period predetermined by the seller – Monthly, Quarterly (3 months), Semiannual (6 months) or Annual (12 months) – and the buyer, in turn, by agreeing to the recurrence of the first purchase, don’t have to worry about making the manual payments periodically, as the charge already happens automatically to your credit card or PayPal account.

It’s like the subscription services you’re used to: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ etc.

If you only take singe lessons or lesson packages, you are fine. No strings attached. Just book your remaining lesson(s) – pay attention to the expiration period, please – and make no further purchases.

Lesson plans (our subscriptions) work a little different:

On the 1-month plan, please let us know one (1) month before the next payment that you are going to cancel it. For example, if your plan renews on the 8th of every month, allow the last payment on May 8th (for example) and send us a message on May 9th saying that you won’t be renewing next month. If you don’t do that, please allow one last payment on June 8th. Your plan will remain active on the month you make the last payment and you are free to take the lessons or not. Just remember that we don’t work with refunds.

On the 3, 6 and 12-month plans we also request a 30-day notice and also don’t work with refunds. For example, if you are subscribed on the 12-month plan and your payments occur on May 8th of every year, you should send us a cancellation message up until April 8th. No matter if you send us a message earlier than that (on the seventh month of your 12-month plan – for example) we can’t provide a refund for the remaining period of your plan. Your plan will remain active until May 7th (in our example) and you are free to take the lessons or not. If you send us the 30-day notice you won’t be charged on May 8th.

If for some reason Stripe or PayPal can’t process your payment for the plan due to a problem with your credit card, there may be registration fees and/or your plan may be re-repriced with our current rates. If this happens, you may also lose your time slot (fixed day/time).

Furthermore, please, pay attention to the expiration period of your package or plan. After this period, you won’t be able to schedule lessons unless you purchase another package or subscribe to another plan.

Lastly, if you chose wire transfer as a payment method, please advance your payments for proper bank clearing. Your package/plan will only be active after we receive the funds.

Usually, we readjust them once a year for current students. The new prices take into consideration the inflation, fees and costs we may have.

Requested quotes will be valid for 7 days.

Future quotes may have new prices without further notice.

Please refer to the previous questions in case you can’t renew your plan. There may be fees or re-pricing of lessons, packages and plans.

If you are not sure if our method, teaching style or policies are right for you please visit all sections of our website, our Facebook, our Instagram and our YouTube.

If you’re still not sure, contact us for more info before purchasing or subscribing.

One last alternative is to purchase and book a single lesson so you can evaluate if you’re going to like it or not before purchasing packages or subscribing to plans.

Unfortunately, we do NOT work with any type of refunds. No matter what the reason is, unfortunately we cannot refund the total amount, nor partial amounts of a payment.

You should review all info on our website carefully and discuss any questions you have with us BEFORE purchasing or subscribing.

Being late and rescheduling lessons

Yes, but you must give us a 24-hour notice. If you fail to provide us this notice, unfortunately we won’t be able to reschedule your lesson.

Single lessons can be rescheduled up to one (1) time.

Each lesson from the packages can be rescheduled up to one (1) time up until the expiration date.

One-month plan subscribers can reschedule up to one (1) lesson every month until de expiration date.

Three-month plan subscribers can reschedule up to three (3) lessons every 3 months until de expiration date.

Six-month plan subscribers can reschedule up to six (6) lessons every 6 months until de expiration date.

Twelve-month plan subscribers can reschedule up to twelve (12) lessons every 12 months until de expiration date.

Please note: you can reschedule your lessons only (1) time. If you fail to be at the rescheduled lesson, we won’t be able to reschedule it again.

Our lessons are always 50 minutes long. If the student is late, lost time will not be compensated. If our coach is late, lost time will be made up on the same day or in some other lesson.

Vacations and holidays

We usually have one week in the first semester and another week in the second semester of vacations. We will let you know in advance which specific weeks of the year that will be. In addition, there will be no lessons between Christmas and New Year’s. All other holidays (from our location and from your location) are negotiated one by one.

If you are subscribed to one of our plans and decide to take longer vacations, you should not cancel your payments (otherwise you may lose your slot, have the plan re-priced or be charged with registration fees when you decide to come back). Instead, you should reschedule your lessons.

One month plan students can reschedule up to 3 lessons once a year (in case of vacation) on the following months.

Three-month, Six-month and twelve-month plan students can reschedule the lessons preferably until the expiration date of the plan. Once a year (in case of vacation) it’s possible to reschedule these lessons after the expiration date of the plan.

Please note: we only grant these vacation benefits once a year!

To the students subscribed to one of our plans: lessons on holidays are not eligible to rescheduling, but on the other hand, due to our calendar, we may always have months with 5 weeks within the year. During these months, the student will be able to take all 5 lessons at no extra cost, which ends up making up for the holidays.


What a pity! Interrupting the studies is not always the best solution as it breaks the of learning flow and messes with all the planning we have settled for your voice!

Before you take your decision, we would like to leave you with some suggestions. We hope that any of the items below will enable you to go on with us.

1) Change the day or time of your lessons: if your appointment day/time with us is no longer viable, we can check if another one would be better for you;

2) No fixed schedule: if you need more flexibility, consider changing from a plan to lesson packages. If you do this you won’t have a fixed appointment day/time with us and you will have up until the expiration date of your package to book your lessons.

Anyway, we hope it works out for you to continue.

But please, if you really need to suspend your lessons, let us know at least 1 month in advance. If you can’t message us with this 1-month notice, allow one final payment of at least a monthly plan. For example, if you are a 3, 6 or 12-month subscriber and you only gave us a 1-week notice, it is necessary that you allow one final payment of at least a 1-month plan. You can take or not the lessons regarding this last payment. All students on plan subscriptions must conform to these policies. Students that take single lessons or packages don’t have this commitment with us.

Course duration and other services

Voice is such a different “instrument” that everyone’s journey is different. Learning how to sing is something that varies a lot from person to person, according to the abilities they already have.

After the first lesson, we can estimate how much time we need to work with your voice, but this will also depend a lot on your commitment to your studies and training during the week after our lessons.

We are specialized in voice training, but as a lot of people asked, we started to offer COMPLEMENTARY piano lessons. 

We also have music theory lessons, which can enhance your education as a singer too.

Please contact us to get a quote and request further information.

Yes! Please contact us to get a quote and request further information.

We produce a lot from our own studio and we also have partnerships with the best studios and musicians in São Paulo.

Also visit RBSounds (www.rbsounds.com) for music for movies, TV, Games and media in general.

At the moment our pocket shows are only offered in São Paulo (Brazil), but we can expand it depending on the number of singers from a specific region interested.

Thanks for your request! Soon a member of our team will contact you.

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