Is TALENT a word you use as an excuse or an incentive?

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Often times someone asks me:

“Wow, how can you? So-and-so is so young, he never studied singing and he sings so well! It can only be talent (or gift)! I could never do it!”

I don’t want to deny here that everyone has natural facilities: some do math very well in their heads, others can easily interpret a difficult text, some have a very sharp logical reasoning, others speak well in public and so on. And there are also those who have a natural facility for music or singing, but in general , people who ask this question like that use the word TALENT as an excuse for not even trying.

Depending on the source, you will find in the literature that this “ease” impacts 20 or 30% on the final result of a person’s performance in a given area. That is, we have a good 70% or 80% that can be improved.

This improvement can come from many angles. For some, joining a school or looking for a teacher is better; others adapt very well to self-study; there are still people who do not adapt to formal study at all and engage in experiences and projects to learn a little more in practice.

In this last group we can have people who, since childhood, have been involved with music in some way: at home, at church, with friends, etc. And behold, they reach the age of 18 singing (or playing) very well, without ever having taken a class.

But that doesn’t mean they didn’t have some kind of learning and were just “born that way”. In fact, even those who enjoy more formal study should be involved in group music activities on a regular basis.

The problem is that I see in some people (sometimes stimulated by these musical reality shows) an absurd exaltation of talent and little or almost no recognition of how much a person can improve and learn. “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”. In other words, hard work trumps talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

Everyone must know someone who has a talent for music, but ends up not being able to work in the area. Or else they know someone who didn’t seem to have much talent, but liked music a lot, studied a lot and ended up managing to get into the market.

In general, if a person really wants to become a professional, he will have to end up, at least for a while, having some kind of formal education. It’s very difficult for her to put herself well without an it. Especially because no matter how talented a person is to be a lawyer, he will not be a professional in the area without studying law and passing the OAB test.

Why do some people think music would be different? This is the fault of the words talent and gift when used as an excuse. NOBODY, I repeat, NOBODY is born better than the others, in fact, everyone is born crying. So there’s no reason to think you’re not “destined” to sing well.

You just need to give much more importance to the 70 or 80% that can be improved and learned in your singing and much less importance to the 20 or 30% of talent, gift or ease that you may have!

Picture of Raphael Begosso

Raphael Begosso

Raphael Begosso has a Bachelor of Music Degree in Composition and Conducting from Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP), the best Music University in Brazil. As a top student of his class, he was granted a scholarship from CNPQ and was invited to join a scientific research group called PET. Raphael has worked as a director, arranger, and producer for many vocal groups and choirs. His group CantaMais performed around São Paulo and was invited to appear on a TV show called Programa do Jô (you can find it on our YouTube channel). He studies voice since 1998 and he is a vocal coach since 2002. Raphael also studied piano, guitar, and choir at Escola de Música do Estado de São Paulo (former ULM). One of Raphael’s great mentors is Brett Manning from Singing Success – a method used by many famous Grammy, MCA Awards and Dove winners like Hayley Williams (Paramore), Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Mark Kibble and Claude Mcknight (Take 6), Michael Barnes, Luke Bryanamong others.

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